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Guitar (Acoustic & Electric)





Dalmer Azevedo

“Although I have played guitar for many years having classes with Gabriel is an eye opening. It is amazing how he can extract information from his vast knowledge of music (PHD in music UT) and make it in simple classes applicable and target to your goals. I would recommend anyone at all levels to have learn guitar with Gabriel. I would not change the way he teaches. Simple, knowledgeable and target to your needs.”

Neal Hartsell

“Gabriel has an amazing understanding of both music and the guitar. Whether you are just beginning or heading into deep water, he can assess your needs and find creative ways to get you to the next level quickly. Highly recommend!”

Isaac Stone

“Gabriel is an incredible teacher, and working with him inspired me and changed the way I look at music. I worked with him on composition, and he definitely helped shape my skills of composition. I would recommend him whether you are new to your area of music or a seasoned musician.”

Juan Perez

“Gabriel was an excellent teacher who truly dedicates himself to help his students. Not only did he have an extensive knowledge of music but an abundance of teaching materials, books and information of such sort, which I still use to this day.”